Parmanu Movie – The Story Of Pokhran

Parmanu Movie – The Story Of Pokhran

Parmanu Movie- The Story of Pokhran: The story of this movies is about Pokhran when  India got Independence in year of 1947. That was a challenge for those who has assumed their power. That challenge Continued till date Although it is heartening to see that despite a lot of hurdles, being a lot of field india has made  best progress. The movie Parmanu actor John Abraham has took the challenge & come out with Parmanu movie. The story of this movie is about the story of Pokhran.

Parmanu Movie – The Story Of Pokhran

Cast of this Parmanu movie

The Movie Parmanu is   Announced on 15 April 2017 . The movie actor john Abraham was Approached by Movie Producers Prerna Arora & Arjun N kapoor with the Scritpt of the Movie Parmanu. The shooting of Movie Parmanu is in Delhi & Mumbai. In the Movie Parmanu John Abraham is an Army & scientists.

John Abraham is one the best actor of Bollywood. John Abraham act is subtle & yet leaves a mark. 

The Director of the Movie Parmanu

Abhishek Sharma

The writer of the Movie Parmanu are  

Sanyukta Shaikh ChawlaSaiwyn Quadras 

The Stars of the Movie Parmanu

Parmanu Movie – The Story Of Pokhran

John Abraham
Diana Penty Diana Penty
Boman Irani Boman Irani
Zachary Coffin Zachary Coffin Stephen
Aditya Hitkari Aditya Hitkari
Abhiroy Singh Abhiroy Singh
Mark Bennington Mark Bennington Daniel
Arush Nand Arush Nand Prahlad
Yogendra Tikku Yogendra Tikku
Rohan Khatri Rohan Khatri Sardaar Driver
Munna Munna
Bhairao Singh Bhairao Singh
Tan Raj Ghale Tan Raj Ghale
Shyam Bhagat Shyam Bhagat
Nitesh Nath Nitesh Nath
Prahlad Prahlad


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